• ABOUT THE Authors

    Carl Shan

    Carl Shan is a Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, where he works on the Economic Graph Research and Insights team conducting economic research. He was previously selected as a 2014 Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Fellow at the University of Chicago. Through his Fellowship he worked as a data scientist to help nonprofit organizations. He has co-authored a paper on applying supervised learning to public policy problems. Carl holds a degree in Statistics from UC Berkeley, and is currently pursuing his Masters in CS at Stanford. You can learn more about him at www.carlshan.com.

    Henry Wang

    Henry Wang is currently based in Singapore and is focused on digital asset investing. He is also pursuing part time a masters in Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Prior to this, on growth equity investments in renewable energy companies based in the US. He enjoys competing in data science competitions his spare time and is currently very interested in generalization guarantees for stochastic gradient based optimization in machine learning. Henry holds a degree in Statistics from UC Berkeley, you can learn more about him at www.henrywang7.com.

    William Chen

    William Chen is a data science manager at Quora, where he helps grow and share the world’s knowledge. He is also an avid writer on Quora (https://www.quora.com/profile/William-Chen-6), where he answers questions on data science, statistics, machine learning, probability, and more. William co-authored this book to share the stories of data scientists and help others who want to enter the profession. For fun, he enjoys playing escape rooms and also runs an escape room blog. William holds a Bachelors in Statistics and a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Harvard. You can see his personal website at www.wzchen.com.

    Max Song

    Max Song has worked as a data scientist at Ayasdi, and as a co-founder of Neurocurious (acquired by Vium). He was introduced to the ideas of AI from a stint at Singularity University. He loves learning, traveling and building community, and co-founded the onesalon.org. Max holds a Bachelors of Science in Applied Math-Biology from Brown University, and a Masters in Global Affairs from Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, where he was part of the inaugural class. He is currently an investment professional in a Hong Kong family office. You can learn more about him at www.maxsong.io.