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    Harlan Harris

    Director of Data Science at EAB

    "The authors of this book have a knack for getting data scientists to open up and share their wisdom about skill and career development, the role of data scientists in organizations, and more.


    If you're an aspiring data scientist, The Data Science Handbook will provide a great view of the landscape of this new career path, and how to succeed as a data scientist. If you're leading data science teams, this book can shed light on how to work with and develop data scientists and how data scientists can be set up to succeed."

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    Ferris Jumah

    Data Scientist at Linkedin

    "This book is written by data scientists for data scientists.


    The Data Science Handbook offers practical, sound advice, from the top industry experts who've collectively shaped data science into what it is today.


    As a data scientist, I enjoyed the book's deep interviews that cover data science career paths, application, and building data driven cultures/teams in a very relevant fashion. I think that newcomers and experienced practitioners alike will benefit from reading."

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    Rand Hindi


    "I thought I knew all the stories about data science, but reading this book reminded me how vast and awesome this field is!


    In particular, I liked how each interviewee has a great story to tell on how they used data to create innovative products, and what they learned while executing them. Invaluable insights that I wish I had heard when I started my own company!"

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    Yvonne Kung

    Physics PHD Student at Stanford

    "The Data Science Handbook collects the wisdom and insights of many experienced data scientists. Their stories are absolutely fascinating, and their career advice is invaluable to anyone who aspires to enter the field.


    In particular, a PhD student who is trying to decide whether to become a data scientist will find helpful tips on which skills to polish and what classes to take, and will draw inspiration from the life lessons imparted in this collection of interviews."